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How to Effectively Know French Relative Pronouns

Most people are used to knowing English words pretty much but there is no harm knowing some in another language. For instance, having knowledge about some French words can be advantageous once interested or when deciding to have a visit to France. That can be very helpful in daily speech and also mingling with other France citizens easily. Most people are familiar with English pronouns. However, they are much easier to understand. This article will explore the way to familiarize on the use of the French relative pronouns that can be used in daily speech. Relative pronouns have various uses and basically are the words that are used to refer to things or people or also give more information about something or somebody.

Some English relative pronouns are words like that, where, whom, which, who and many others. In English, the word like 'that' is used to refer to things or a person. In French, the relative pronouns are used in the same way. In French, the words that refer to direct or indirect objects are 'qui and que'. Both words can effectively be used to refer to things or persons. However, there is a small difference when using them. Qui is mainly utilized when referring to subjects or indirect objects when referring to persons. Que is used when referring to direct objects. Qui when referring to subjects can coincide with English word such as which, who, or that. Que when referring to direct objects corresponds with which, that, who, whom, or which in English. It is good to note that Qui is used after applying French prepositions such as pour, de, or. Such relative pronouns in English are effectively interchanged when being used on daily use, but when it comes to French, both Que and Qui are used separately for each.

There are many other French relative pronouns to learn so as to speak the French language fluently. For example, English Preposition 'Which' can be used as 'Lequel' in French. It is also used in conjunction with the above-mentioned prepositions. Such a pronoun is utilized to refer to things only and not persons. To learn French grammar is quite easy once a person takes time to grasp some relative pronouns that are main basics when making a daily speech. It requires a short lesson in a day and frequent exercise. Personal exercise is recommended before doing some practice by making a speech with other people. It is also good to have an MP3 guide with you to help you have practice French pronunciation when doing practice. By doing so, one can be able to learn French quite easier and simple without any difficulty. Learn more here at Talk in French.

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